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We strive to have the most entertaining tours in Nashville! Just click one below for more info. Our signature tour - The Live Nashville! Walking Tour - is 2 hours of pure fun through Historic Downtown. Wanna do some boozin' with your tourin'? Try the Nash Bar Bash and add a little history, a lot of live music and awesome drink specials to your walking tour. In need of a private tour? We can do that! Either tour can be made not only private but tailored to your interests! We really do want your business so, whichever you choose, click below to book or call us any time at


The Live Nashville! Walking Tour

Live Nashville! Walking Tour

Our signature tour, the Live Nashville! Walking Tour is a trip back in time when riverboat gamblers and Indian fighters ruled the day. When honky tonk outlaws and domineering record producers duked it out for control over what would become known as The Music City. Relive President Andrew Jackson's most famous duel and meet Timothy Demonbreun, the first citizen of Nashville, with his, ahem, two wives, three mistresses and umpteen kids. Come along as Johnny Cash makes history on the Grand Ole Opry stage...right before he gets kicked off it. Presidents, generals, suffragists, Cherokee warriors and pill-popping rock stars abound on the original REALLY ENTERTAINING TOUR. If you don't know where to start, start here and, as always, get ready to be entertained!

The Nash

Bar Bash

By request only

Call (615) 436-2087

The Nash Bar Bash

With four different bars to hit, things get a little bit crazy and a whole lot wild with live music, a dance or three (yes, even you!), and awesome drink specials at every bar. And we won't leave you high and dry on Nashville's sordid saloon history either! A full tour, the Nash Bar Bash is a shorter walk and a longer party as you get your Country on on 2nd Ave, make the trek to Printers Alley, where burlesque dancers waited in the wings and blues musicians wail on the mic; we'll see famed Lower Broadway and (if you're good ;) throw back some authentic Tennessee moonshine before it's time for your moment in the spotlight - that's right - karaoke! Partiers and history buffs alike will love this tour! if you were asking, "How can I make sure my friends and I have the best time in any city?" stop reading and start booking! 

Any group tour can be made into a private tour on request. Turn a bar crawl into a private bachelor(ette) party or get a custom walking tour of the city! Call (615) 436-2087 for details.

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