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The Nash Bar Bash


Some of y'all like to do a little boozin' with your tourin'. Not to worry! It's 5 o'clock somewhere with the Nash Bar Bash! A drinking walking tour or a walking drinking tour... you decide! Either way it's the most fun you can have in two hours in the Music City. With four different bars to hit, things get a little bit crazy and a whole lot wild with live music, a dance or three (yes, even you!), and awesome drink specials. But we won't leave you dry on Nashville's storied and sordid saloon history. The Nash Bar Bash is a 1/2 mile walk and over-the-top with fun. Stroll down historic Printers Alley. Hear tales of brothels and barmen, Country stars and drunkards (usually the same thing ;)), bask in awesome views, ride the mechanical bull, sing karaoke, slam some moonshine! This tour has it all!  If fun was your goal, this is the tour for you. Perfect tour for groups with mixed tastes. Partiers and history buffs alike will have the time of their lives so stop whatcha doin' and BOOK NOW!

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