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Authentic Mexican Food in Nashville...No, For Real

No tienen frijoles negros? I ask. (Don't you have black beans?)

No, he replies. How disappointing. I speak Spanish fluently and lived in Mexico for five years, and here I am talking with some real, live Mexican brothers and sisters (from Michoacan, they tell me) and I can't get any black beans! What about corn tortillas? I ask. No, Señor, he says. Oh my gosh... I had all but given up on my quixotic attempt to find authentic Mexican food in Nashville. For anyone keeping score, flour tortillas, Kraft cheese and refried like Chef Boyardee is authentic Italian.

Not to be judgemental here, but you really should try some of the dishes you can find in Mexico! They are out of this world. My quixotic attempt ended when I found Mas Tacos Por Favor in East Nashville. I had some tacos con carne asada and I felt like I was back in Mexico I have a lot of friends from Mexico who will be reading this and if they visit me and I'm full of crap, I'm going to hear about it! I was seriously impressed and would give it 5 out of 5 stars. Swing over to East Nashville too for a more quirky side of Nashville if you're done with the Downtown thing. Mas Tacos is at 732 McFerrin Avenue, Nashville, TN 37206. They take cash only, but I haven't tried to pay in pesos bring greenbacks!

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